Sinbad's Rug Cleaning Guide

Rugs are a beautiful way to pull a room together. They bring color and warmth, and feel good under bare feet.To make a rug last for years, you need to clean and maintain it. We know that dealing with carpet and rug stains can be a nightmare if not approached properly and some approaches  may damage your carpet irreversibly.You may think that you have to send your carpet to professional  after an accident or spill but we are here to prove that you can clean it yourself and save a fortune .

Here are the steps that you have to follow;

-Cleaning process starts with something basic,first thing to do is vacuuming the rug on front and back to remove dirt and debris.

-To clean your carpet using rug shampoo is an option but you can also make your own cleaner with warm water and liquid dish soap.You have to be careful about using hot water we do not recommend use of hot water as it could shrink and fade the rug.

-Before you start applying the mix try it in the small area to see if it has any  affect on colors.

-After applying cleaning mix to area,hair dryer or fan can be used for drying. Especially if the carpet is placed in a high traffic area where any leftover moisture will wick dirt.

- To clean the stains from your carpet you have to approach more carefully.Stains should never be rubbed.The best thing you can do is using a repetitive dabbing motion of press, release, and readjust is enough and you can repeat the process until stains are gone.

-You can consider using our mix to remove stains from your rug, mix 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap, 1 quart of warm water and 1 teaspoon of vinegar.Leave solution on the strain for at least 5 minutes.Than use soft white cloth and rub the stains gently.Lastly you can first dry it with towel and also use hairdreyer.

-Important point is never use colored or printed cloths while cleaning the stains.White cloths are more than enough while fighting with stains.​