The best and easiest way to update and enhance the room is A well-considered rug in the right size. Finding the right size is important as finding the perfect design and  colors.Required size and the shape of the rug can differ according to type of the furniture and also shape of the room. Let us help you find the perfect rug to create a polished, pulled together look.

Carpet Size Guide,Sinbad Carpet.

DO's : If your carpet reaches the front legs of all your furniteres  then it is a good size. It feels grounded and in this way it may be possible to save little more with smaller size.

Again if all of your furnitures are sitting top of the rug, it helps to designate the place and doesn't leave place for awkward rug placement.

DONT's : Rug is not only for coffee table, we want all sitting area to feel nice and cozy.

Also round rugs are fine but not in living rooms. We suggest you to leave your round rugs out of rectengular sitting areas

Carpet Size Guide,Sinbad Carpet.

In the dining room, we suggest you to go for at least 4 feet longer than overall length and width of your dining table. Important point is when the chairs are pulled out, the legs should still remain on the rug.

Carpet Size Guide,Sinbad Carpet.

Same rules are also applied to your bedroom.Importing point while deciding the size of the carpet is you'll want to be able to step onto the rug when you get out of the bed so carpet has to cover all the area. Using runners for sides of the bed is also an another option.

Check use of rugs in different areas properly from our collection